Why Authenticity is Important to Your Brand

Written by Tarlon Khoubyari (@tkhoub). Storyteller + Data Analyst.

The current social media climate is extremely saturated right now. Now more than ever the mantra “be yourself because everyone else is taken” is a prominent element of your success. The way that your message and your brand is being presented online matters. It is even more important for your brand/company to be able to exist without it as well. The balance looks differently depending on your brand, however, one thing that people value the most is authenticity. “Being authentic” is now a trend because the more people that can connect to your message, the more impact, and exposure you have on social media. Also, the more likely people are to revisit, purchase, or look into your company.

Your social media presence should emulate the way clients are being treated in person. Your content should speak to your audience the same way that you are communicating on your website, storefront, or platform. The language and style should be cohesive because it shows that your company and brand are being treated as one entity.

When your brand is authentic it also means that there is a level of vulnerability. Using this chance to be vulnerable makes your company a lot more inviting and approachable which encourages trust between your clients and company. Most people today lean towards the company’s they can trust.

Your brand has the opportunity to connect, attract, and welcome a new community by being true to your mission and unapologetic about it in the social media arena. Be authentic, be you.


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