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Building Better Brands

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Tarlon Khoubyari
Content Creator + Data Analyst

Building a brand can mean a lot of different things. The most important element of a strong brand presence is community building. With social media, you have a huge opportunity to tap into your network and connect directly to the consumer. Community building is often overlooked but is a key piece in building an authentic brand.

When we shop, we typically shop for things that speak to us. Customers and people want to support brands they can relate to. Yeah, maybe you can pay for a big budget influencer to promote your product but do they speak to your audience? When you first started your business, who was it that you were trying to support? Think of this person when you develop a brand story. Brands that are authentic grow exceptionally. There is so much fluff already out there but it’s important to stay true to who you really are and to share that story with others.

Social media has given the consumer a lot more control than it’s previously had. The power is in the taps of the people who can see beyond your brand. Most people use their feeds to post pictures of their cats or of their friends. Businesses operate a lot differently. Who are you? Who are the team members on the team? You may think people don’t care but they do. Especially if you’re claiming to be a leader or an expert, share your knowledge with your audience and make them feel like they are apart of your mission because they are.

The traditional practice is to work in silence and to some extent that still holds value but if you want a more engaging audience you have to be transparent and vulnerable in a unique way. Create tools and services your community can use to empower their passions. Let’s say you’re a blogger that talks about motivation. A motivational quote won’t cut it anymore. Talk about how you stay motivated and on top of your day. Share the tools you use. You can’t assume that people will register what you said. You need to understand and listen to your audience. There are people behind the likes and taps that you should want to engage with.

The brands we love are the ones that offer services that speak to our personal and professional growth. Those brands show that they care and can empathize with our team. If you want a team that truly treats brands like their own, look no further. We can offer you strategic ways to target your community more effectively.

Trend Alert: Content Marketing

Trend Alert: Content Marketing 1254 837 Tarlon Khoubyari

Written By: Tarlon Khoubyari or @techytk on Instagram

Don’t worry about keeping up with the trends, we’ve got you covered!

Over the past few years, we have seen a huge boom in the digital marketing space. With that comes the need for beautiful, engaging content that will create a community around your brand. Content marketing is the next phase of the digital marketing revolution. Our team of experts can help you craft a strategy that suits your needs in authentic, organic ways.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic way to share creative, engaging materials across various social media platforms. This form of marketing is common on digital marketing teams to attract key audiences to promote a brand or a business. It’s effective because it allows you to communicate with your client in an interactive way. By doing so, you build a community around your brand. Most people nowadays are looking for companies and teams they connect with. When you curate content, you are able to tap into the emotions and interests on a deeper level.

Putting together a well crafted feed is no easy feat. There is a lot that goes into it. A consultant from our team can discuss effective ways to get the most out of each material you post. Some of these materials can be ads, social media graphics, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, blog posts, and the list goes on.

The biggest takeaway from content marketing is that it needs to be intentionally thought out. Many brands and companies plan their content strategies months in advance because with every post appropriate hashtags and tags needed to be included to drive more traffic.

Productivity Tools We Love

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Tarlon Khoubyari
@tkhoub follow me on Instagram or connect with me on LinkedIn 

I find myself constantly looking for easier solutions to my everyday life. Being a full-time student and working a handful of other jobs, I wear a lot of different hats. It is so important that I stay organized and on top of all the different things I do. I am a notorious list maker. I have a million lists in different places. I used to carry a journal with me everywhere and write everything down there but I got in the habit of forgetting the journal when I needed it the most. I decided to ditch paper and go digital. I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with several tools. These tools will help you make your life a little easier. If you have any other productivity tools you’re loving, let us know!

I wanted to share some of the tools, apps, and extensions to you all to get the most out of your schedule.


Google Calendar

This is an easy one but Google calendar is a saving grace for me. I schedule my time in blocks. This really helps me stay organized with my school schedule, meetings, events, etc. I can also see where my pockets of availability are. All of my google calendars are synced to one another (I’m a crazy person who has 4 emails). I also color coat tasks based on the level of difficulty or how much time it will take for me to complete it. I get the harder, painstaking tasks for earlier in the day so I can get it over with and go onto other stuff. But Google Calendar is awesome because it’ll send me reminders, I can add people to it, and I can see what my week looks like.

I use Asana with smaller teams. It’s a great way to see what everyone is doing and what needs to be done within a project. My team and I will make a large to-do list with different sections to give an idea of what needs to be done. These are specific goals we want to accomplish. This is also helpful because you can use it as a guide if you need to do the same project again.

This isn’t an organizational tool but is something I am so thankful for. Grammarly is a chrome extension (and a keyboard extension on your phone) you can add that will revise everything you write. You can copy and paste an email or an essay into the engine and it will offer you suggestions or grammatical errors, punctuation, word replacements. There is a premium version that is worth getting because it edits those mistakes for you. The most annoying thing is that it is not compatible with Google Docs but it works with sending emails. If you’re a college student, you need this tool. It helps a lot with writing discussion posts, sending emails to professors, and with essays.

Download any list making extension for Google Chrome
There are so many out there. I personally haven’t found one that I love. It’s great to experiment with them if you’re a list maker like me. I write the things I want to get done for that day on those so I know what’s next. I get easily distracted so having gentle reminders helps out a lot. They are specific tasks versus my Google Calendar is vaguer. There is something so satisfying about clicking the checkbox and the task being marked off your list, or is that just me?

Airtable is another task management tool with added bonuses. At Boss Business Market, this is what we use to keep track of everything. It’s a one-stop shop for marketing, social media, client management, finances, etc. Each Workspace is divided into Excel like sheets, so it’s all organized. You can assign people to tasks or project too. It’s different from Asana in that it creates a sheets version that you can export versus just having a laundry list of tasks. Each team will be organized differently so depending on your teamwork with what’s best for you.

Do Not Disturb
I hate to admit it but I am probably the worst texter. I am on my phone constantly for work or entertainment but when it comes to texting back, I take a while. That’s due to the Do Not Disturb feature (or the fact that I just suck). I put my phone on Do Not Disturb during my working hours to avoid any distractions. I consider this a productivity tool because it really does help me stay productive. With the new IOS update, you can tweak the settings even more but once that DND is on, I am usually good to go.



This is a paid app I recently downloaded because I wanted to find ways to stop being on my phone so much. You set a timer on the app and a tree or a plant will grow. If you’re new to my style of writing, I am a proud plant mom so I love this. The more I work or the more I am on my phone a plant grows and you can grow your mini forest. For every 2,500 coins you collect, the app will plant a tree in a rainforest. So I try to use it a lot because I want a tree to be planted on my behalf. Since this is a recent purchase I’m not entirely sure it works all the way but I like the idea. The whole idea is to stay focused and to stay present. You don’t need to set it for very long but if you have the desire to check your phone you can’t because a tree is growing and you don’t want your tree to die, right?

Everyone organizes differently. But for me, finding a routine or a system that I can stick to has helped ease my anxiety and makes me feel organized. It’s important that you stay organized to reduce any of the stress surrounding work and school. The earlier you find a system that works for you, the better.

All of us are trying to save some coin and Honey is by far one of my favorite extensions for shopping. You can download it in two taps and it saves you $$$ on every online purchase you make. It’s only available on Google chrome and will go through so many codes to find you the best deal on all of stores you shop from. I use it Sephora, Amazon(!!!), and honestly every time I shop I use it. I like the idea of this instead of going online to find a code that will save me some extra bucks.


Social Media: The New Marketplace

Social Media: The New Marketplace 1024 686 Tarlon Khoubyari

Tarlon Khoubyari Storyteller + Data Analyst @tkhoub

Let’s face it, online shopping is the way most people shop. We like to follow brands on social media that we shop from, connect with, or even newer ones that we may be interested in. As a smaller business, don’t let this scare you. This is your chance to shine!

Social media is your solution to implement an effective e-commerce strategy to grow your business, sales, product, or personal brand.

If you already use social media to market your company, you can do the same by treating social media as another marketplace. A picture is worth a thousand words and your customers shop with their eyes. You can display pictures of your latest products and services to attract new customers to your site. Have fun and be creative! People are looking to see your unique products.

Keep in mind that your customers will typically shop like their friends or followers. By promoting your products on social media you are able to tap into the people behind the followers as well. By treating your social media platform as an online store, your customers have faster access to you and your merchandise. Not to mention, your customers can access you faster! You can speak directly towards customers who have service complaints, need updates on their orders, or are curious about your array of products.

Most social media platforms have tools you can use to promote your company within their platform. You can use paid advertising to get to reach a broader customer base too. If your product stands out it could go viral which means big returns on that investment.

Establishing an easy to use e-commerce feature for your business is vital but to take it to the next level our experts say to use social media to its full capacity.

5 Ways To Market To Millennials

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Written by Tarlon Khoubyari. @tkhoub

Here are 5 ways your company can market more strategically to millennials.

  1. Use Instagram
    Instagram has over 500 million daily users who are mostly millennials or brands. Nowadays, people are using Instagram as a marketplace from things like clothing, inspiration, marketing, etc. Even brands are using this to their advantage by partnering up with influencers to promote their products or services. Improving your “Instagram game” is one of the easiest and best ways to attract millennials.

  2. Stand for something and be honest 
    Millennials need to know that your company is focused on just making money. They are so over it. They want to see a company with a purpose bigger than making money or offering a service. They want to see an authentic, relatable company they can resonate with.

  3. Engage and interact
    The biggest pet peeve for most millennials is when they don’t get a response back. If we reach out that means we care enough to do so and if we aren’t being responded to we will find someone else who will actually listen to us. Engage with your users and clients. You don’t need to get too personal but don’t wait longer than 48 hours to respond to messages or emails on social media or elsewhere.

  4. Set up an e-commerce platform (if you don’t already have one)
    If you are a shop, storefront, or retailer for ANYTHING. Set up a website, Etsy, or some other e-commerce tool to attract a millennial audience. Some of your social media audience or clients may not live near you. If your website does not already have a safe, easy to use way for people to buy your items you are losing out on a lot of potential business.



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