Building Better Brands

Tarlon Khoubyari
Content Creator + Data Analyst

Building a brand can mean a lot of different things. The most important element of a strong brand presence is community building. With social media, you have a huge opportunity to tap into your network and connect directly to the consumer. Community building is often overlooked but is a key piece in building an authentic brand.

When we shop, we typically shop for things that speak to us. Customers and people want to support brands they can relate to. Yeah, maybe you can pay for a big budget influencer to promote your product but do they speak to your audience? When you first started your business, who was it that you were trying to support? Think of this person when you develop a brand story. Brands that are authentic grow exceptionally. There is so much fluff already out there but it’s important to stay true to who you really are and to share that story with others.

Social media has given the consumer a lot more control than it’s previously had. The power is in the taps of the people who can see beyond your brand. Most people use their feeds to post pictures of their cats or of their friends. Businesses operate a lot differently. Who are you? Who are the team members on the team? You may think people don’t care but they do. Especially if you’re claiming to be a leader or an expert, share your knowledge with your audience and make them feel like they are apart of your mission because they are.

The traditional practice is to work in silence and to some extent that still holds value but if you want a more engaging audience you have to be transparent and vulnerable in a unique way. Create tools and services your community can use to empower their passions. Let’s say you’re a blogger that talks about motivation. A motivational quote won’t cut it anymore. Talk about how you stay motivated and on top of your day. Share the tools you use. You can’t assume that people will register what you said. You need to understand and listen to your audience. There are people behind the likes and taps that you should want to engage with.

The brands we love are the ones that offer services that speak to our personal and professional growth. Those brands show that they care and can empathize with our team. If you want a team that truly treats brands like their own, look no further. We can offer you strategic ways to target your community more effectively.

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