5 Ways To Market To Millennials

5 Ways To Market To Millennials

5 Ways To Market To Millennials 4813 3209 Tarlon Khoubyari

Written by Tarlon Khoubyari. @tkhoub

Here are 5 ways your company can market more strategically to millennials.

  1. Use Instagram
    Instagram has over 500 million daily users who are mostly millennials or brands. Nowadays, people are using Instagram as a marketplace from things like clothing, inspiration, marketing, etc. Even brands are using this to their advantage by partnering up with influencers to promote their products or services. Improving your “Instagram game” is one of the easiest and best ways to attract millennials.

  2. Stand for something and be honest 
    Millennials need to know that your company is focused on just making money. They are so over it. They want to see a company with a purpose bigger than making money or offering a service. They want to see an authentic, relatable company they can resonate with.

  3. Engage and interact
    The biggest pet peeve for most millennials is when they don’t get a response back. If we reach out that means we care enough to do so and if we aren’t being responded to we will find someone else who will actually listen to us. Engage with your users and clients. You don’t need to get too personal but don’t wait longer than 48 hours to respond to messages or emails on social media or elsewhere.

  4. Set up an e-commerce platform (if you don’t already have one)
    If you are a shop, storefront, or retailer for ANYTHING. Set up a website, Etsy, or some other e-commerce tool to attract a millennial audience. Some of your social media audience or clients may not live near you. If your website does not already have a safe, easy to use way for people to buy your items you are losing out on a lot of potential business.



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